Australian government planning to block VPN`s as an anti-piracy measure.

Posted: April 29, 2015. At: 1:11 PM. This was 3 years ago. Post ID: 8164
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The Australian government is planning to block VPN providers as an anti-piracy measure. This will only lead to more censorship of the Internet. Not that this will prevent work-arounds that will spring up in the wake of such a move. I have a VPN as a method of accessing a Linux server, but this is for practicing ethical hacking and Linux commands on the move. The fight against piracy is being used as a way to force people to pay for content and to prevent downloading of various shows such as Game of Thrones and Black sails. If these shows actually came out in Australia on time then this would not be such a problem. Many people require a VPN for a legitimate purpose and not all of this is to do with piracy and illegal activity. So blocking these will have a negative effect on the Internet as a whole. There are other methods of accessing the Internet privately such as TOR, but this can be risky if you have Javascript enabled. So make sure that Javascript is disabled in the TOR bundle settings.

Sony have lobbied Netflix to block Australian VPN users. This is one step towards more geoblocking and locking comsumers into paying for locally released content instead of watching it on overseas websites. Read some of these links and there is some information about the moves there. But the Internet is very malleable in terms of routing around censorship and hopefully there will be a way to get around this. There is the possibility of creating your own cloud VPN with Amazon AWS or a VPS. There are many, many ways to create your own cloud system and create your own private tunnel through your Internet connection. That is a good skill to have. OpenVPN is a very good, secure way to build your own private Internet tunnel to access your Linux server anywhere the user wishes. And you can run a web server or VOIP server on it to communicate with friends.

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