Arma 3 on Linux, a possibility?

Posted: October 6, 2016. At: 8:54 PM. This was 1 year ago. Post ID: 9809
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The Arma 3 server product is available for Linux machines, but what about the main client product? This is also available for Linux.

I added the multiverse repository.

jason$ sudo add-apt-repository multiverse && sudo apt update

Then I added 32-bit support.

jason$ sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386

Then I updated the repositories again.

jason$ sudo apt update

Then I add the 32-bit mesa packages.

jason$ sudo apt-get install wget gdebi libgl1-mesa-dri:i386 libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 libc6:i386

Then we download the Steam client.

jason$ wget

And install the steam client.

jason$ gdebi steam.deb

Now it is only up to the user to download and install Arma 3 and load it on their machine.

Now I have Arma 3 1.58 running on Linux. After quite a long download, this is a reality. I do not have Arma 3 APEX installed, but it is running faster than on Windows. I had to install the NVidia drivers as the default driver would not work, but it is actually running. Very cool indeed.

Only thing to keep in mind is to choose to install 32-bit driver options when prompted to by the NVidia drivers installer. So install the drivers after installing the other things above and blacklisting the default nouveau driver and rebuilding the initrd filesystem.

Arma 3 1.58 on Ubuntu.
Arma 3 1.58 on Ubuntu.
3 responses to “Arma 3 on Linux, a possibility?

The version is 1.58.000000. I am not sure if you will ever get APEX on Linux any time soon, and you cannot paste text from a text editor or Firefox into Arma 3. But this does run pretty fast. Give it a try.

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