Another way to remove the Testing Only watermark for ATI drivers on Linux.

Posted: November 15, 2013. At: 2:11 PM. This was 4 years ago. Post ID: 6568

If the ATI drivers for Linux have the Testing Only watermark; you may remove it by performing this small edit.

echo "9777c589791007f4aeef06c922ad54a2:ae59f5b9572136d99fdd36f0109d358fa643f2bd4a2644d9efbb4fe91a9f6590a145:f612f0b01f2565cd9bd834f8119b309bae11a1ed4a2661c49fdf3fad11986cc4f641f1ba1f2265909a8e34ff1699309bf211a7eb4d7662cd9f8e3faf14986d92f646f1bc" > /etc/ati/signature

Just run this command to add this long line to the /etc/ati/signature file; removing the UNSIGNED text. This works perfectly if you want to get rid of that annoying watermark. Then logout and the login manager will appear; but no watermark. Done!

This is what the file should look like.

[email protected] Downloads# cat /etc/ati/signature 

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