Annoying feature of the Dolphin file manager versus the Nautilus option.

Posted: December 2, 2012. At: 5:59 AM. This was 5 years ago. Post ID: 4932
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The Dolphin file manager in Kubuntu 12.10 mounts drives when they are clicked by their name under the /media folder; but when you do this with the Nautilus file manager in Unity they are mounted under the /media/john folder. This is annoying when you want to play your music and the playlist in Audacious points to a path that is not valid. This should be fixed; changing the mount options for Dolphin so that the partitions are mounted under the /media/$LOGNAME folder makes more sense than filling the /media folder up with mount-points. And when I am using KDE or Gnome/Unity the paths would remain the same. But this is easily fixed I assume; it is just an annoying feature that I have noticed and it would be good if Canonical could provide a fix in Ubuntu 13.04. I think I will be using KDE instead of Gnome or Unity for a while, so then I will not be troubled by this little annoyance and have to constantly change my music playlist to adapt to the different mount-points. Here below is the contents of /media after mounting all of my other partitions on my computer. As you can see this is messier than everything mounted under the /media/john folder as is the case when I use Nautilus under Gnome or Unity. But I guess I can put up with this behaviour in a pinch; I can not seem to find a way to make KDE mount drives under the /media/john folder. I found a forum posting here: but no solution.

[Sat 12/12/01 23:19 EST][pts/1][x86_64/linux-gnu/3.5.0-17-generic][5.0.0]
<[email protected]:~/Documents>
zsh 2 % ls -hula /media 
total 121K
drwxr-xr-x  13 root root 4.0K Dec  1 23:02 .
drwxr-xr-x  27 root root 4.0K Dec  1 11:51 ..
drwxr-xr-x.  3 root root 4.0K Dec  1 22:52 3fabc97d-c76a-4922-8705-5536e89cfd21
drwx------   1 john john  12K Dec  1 19:04 4282F11082F10965
dr-xr-xr-x.  6 john root 4.0K Dec  1 22:52 52d826a6-7de5-45db-b693-dd7c7e82af37
drwxr-xr-x.  8 root root 4.0K Dec  1 22:52 a6f66737-afea-48c3-9694-f6da22904d37
drwxr-xr-x  24 root root 4.0K Dec  1 22:52 c84b3630-79a5-4ab3-85a5-f50bc23a3da9
lrwxrwxrwx   1 root root   45 Dec  1 22:52 .directory -> /etc/kubuntu-default-settings/directory-media
drwxr-xr-x   4 root root 1.0K Dec  1 22:52 e01436e0-4aa5-420b-94aa-0b35bd00020e
drwx------   1 john john  40K Dec  1 19:05 Elements
drwx------   8 john john  32K Jan  1  1970 F84E-1690
lrwxrwxrwx   1 root root   42 Dec  1 23:02 .hidden -> /etc/kubuntu-default-settings/hidden-media
drwxr-x---+  2 root root 4.0K Dec  1 23:02 john
drwx------   1 john john 4.0K Dec  1 19:04 More Media
drwx------   1 john john 4.0K Dec  1 19:04 My Media

The bug I have described is not the worst bug present in Ubuntu; but it is still something annoying that I have to put up with. Otherwise though the Kubuntu distribution is a very good desktop Linux experience. Suspend and resume works very well in Ubuntu and all of the other packages such as me-tv work as expected due to some good testing before the release of this fine Linux distribution. As we get closer to 2013 and the release of the Ubuntu 13.04 release things are looking good for Canonical. Linux Mint 14 is also a good desktop choice. The distribution out of the box supports sound and high-resolution display in Virtualbox by default; this is very good when you are testing out the distribution before installation and you can use Youtube to test the sound and performance. 2013 is looking to be a good year to be using Linux on the desktop. The cloud based Windows 8 operating system is out in the wilds but the security holes in that distribution of the NT kernel do not make it as appealing as the Linux Mint and Ubuntu distributions that have greater security as a key part of their design. With the security of the open-source Linux software and the Linux kernel, Linux is a secure and safe choice over Windows that requires many security software packages to protect it from attack by malicious software and viruses that are constantly being spread over the Internet.

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