Amazing sights and possibilities in space.

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Amazing sights and possibilities in space

There are some amazing sights in space that we could discover in time if we could get there. This picture shows a binary star system in deep space. This is surrounded by a massive cloud of debris and dust. This could possibly create a new solar system with planets orbiting a binary star system. Rather like the planet Tatooine in Star Wars. This is where the young Skywalker lived. There could even be planets like Arrakis out there with all desert surfaces and next to no life on the surface. Just possible lifeforms deep under the sand where it is cooler, and where moisture could exist. Deep under an ocean of sand instead of water. That would be an interesting ecosystem. Or a planet that is all water, that is also an interesting possibility. But we need to get out into space first, after the moon landings we have stopped that except for traveling to the International Space Station. But that is only about 300Km up. Traveling around the Earth at 19,000 miles per hour. Why can we not go further? is there some reason?

Binary star system in deep space.
Binary star system in deep space.

The vastness of space would hide some amazing possibilities, this is why we need to get out there and explore. The interstellar ramscoop ship could allow us to reach interstellar distances easily, this can travel at a massive speed, and would reach the center of our galaxy in 25 years. But 50,000 years would pass by on Earth in the meantime, so that is one trade off we would have to make. Although, there are dangers involved in this mode of travel, space dust would spatter against the ship with a lot of force and erode the hull, so shielding would be required to protect against this. Dangers like this were shown in Star Trek Voyager when the shields were not working and the hull was damaged by interstellar dust particles. But even if we could reach Mars we could start a base and have a colony off-world. That would be a beginning. Maybe even get plants to grow. Then the colony could be self sufficient. That should be our aim in the future. Humanity needs to be living on more than one world. That would ensure the survival of humanity in the case of a catastrophe.

Private enterprise is one possibility for getting to Mars, SpaceX are having quite a few successes. So they could do it in the future. Here is to hoping they reach the moon and bring back HD photos of the landing sites. That would be incredible.

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