Amazing new KDE 4.0 themes for Linux Mint.

Posted: June 22, 2016. At: 2:18 PM. This was 1 year ago. Post ID: 9338
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KDE 4.0 themes

Oxygen transparent: An amazing transparent version of the Oxygen KDE 4.0 theme.

Oxygen GTK: A port of the Oxygen KDE theme to GTK.

Soft metal: A soft metallic theme for KDE.

Uniq 1.11: Another very nice KDE 4.0 theme.

More nice themes, these are for Gnome

Awesome elegance colors theme for Gnome Shell.

Linux Mint icon themes

Mashup Five: A gorgeous icon theme for Linux Mint.

Mint KDE icons: A complete icon set for Linux Mint KDE.

Linux Metacity themes

Fitts: A very nice Metacity theme with large buttons.

Nice wallpapers for Linux Mint

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