Adding an IP address to the management interface for a Cisco switch.

Posted: May 4, 2015. At: 12:30 PM. This was 2 years ago. Post ID: 8181

Adding an IP address to the management interface of a Cisco switch allows connection over an Ethernet connection to manage the switch configuration.

Firstly, switch to privileged exec mode.


Then enter the configure terminal command to configure terminal settings.

tyrion#configure terminal

Now we are configuring settings for vlan 99.

tyrion(config)#interface vlan 99

Now enter the appropriate IP address settings.

tyrion(config-if)#ip address
tyrion(config-if)#no shutdown

Then copy the running config to the startup config.

tyrion#copy running-config startup-config 
Destination filename [startup-config]? 
Building configuration...

Now the management interface has an IP address.

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