A very good tiling window manager for Linux that is easy to use and very fast.

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Dwm window manager. This is very good for a Linux laptop user.
Dwm window manager. This is very good for a Linux laptop user.

The dwm window manager for Linux is a very fast and very easy to use WM that offers a tiling WM and a very fast way to interact with your Linux machine. Type sudo apt-get install dwm dmenu to install this window manager. As shown in the screenshot to the right, this is a very slim and good looking WM. Just like Larswm and Awesome, this is a fast alternative to the MATE and KDE desktop environments. With the WM running, type Mod1-p to open a menu in the top bar. Then type the name of the program you wish to open, e.g xmms and hit enter. There are 9 desktops by default and you may have Firefox open on one desktop and xmms open on another. This makes your desktop more productive.

https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Dwm. There is a status program here: http://woozle.org/~neale/g.cgi/status which will print the time to the status bar. Comment out the #include “dump.h” line before compiling though. But this does work. The ability to customize this window manager lifts it above the others. I am using it on Fedora 20 and it works perfectly. Give this a go and see what you think of it.

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