A useful bash shell script that will only run a command as the root user.

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This is a shell script that will only run if the user executes it as the root user. I got this tip here: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/shell-root-user-check-script.html.

CMDROOT="yum update"
if [[ $EUID -ne 0 ]]; then
	echo "You must be a root user to run this command." 2>&1
	exit 1
	echo "The command you ordered is: \"$CMDROOT\" And it is about to run."
	exec $CMDROOT

Here is some code that will create a folder if it does not exist.

# Make a folder if it does not exist.
if [ -e mydir ]; then
	echo "The folder exists."
	mkdir mydir

How to convert text to uppercase with the command-line. Simply use the tr command to transform the text into uppercase.

-{homer@neo } $ echo "Hello World" | tr a-z A-Z

This is how to do this with environment variables.

|{~/Documents}-{Mon Aug 26 23:49:45}
-{homer@neo } $ echo ${LOGNAME^^}

Do you want a DOS styled prompt for your Linux box? Then put this into your .bashrc file and that is what you will get.

PS1='C:${PWD_UPCASE//\//\\}> '

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