A new Ambiance theme for your Linux Mint MATE desktop. And other theme goodness for you.

Posted: August 12, 2013. At: 8:54 PM. This was 4 years ago. Post ID: 6109

New Ambiance theme available for the Linux Mint MATE desktop.

http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Ambiance+Crunchy?content=151181. This is a new version of the Ubuntu Ambiance theme for the Gnome Shell and Linux Mint 15 MATE desktops. This theme is very attractive and well worth a download for any Linux desktop user. The breadcrumbs in Nautilus render very well with this theme and I cannot recommend this theme highly enough.

A William Farrel Metacity theme for Gnome 2.32.2 and MATE: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/DH4+Metacity?content=143742 Now you can make your Linux desktop look like the Die Hard 4.0 UI. Awesome.

Here is the wallpaper that goes with this theme: http://img176.imagevenue.com/aAfkjfp01fo1i-11357/loc151/168455359_map_blue_122_151lo.png. This is a very nice color.

Nord 1.8 Gnome Shell theme: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/GNOME+Shell%3A+Nord?content=142971. A very highly rated Gnome Shell theme.

DNA Tri-Screen wallpaper: http://visualrainbow.com/5760×1200/images/DNA-3-Screen-Wallpaper.jpg.

Cute cat dual-screen wallpaper: http://www.wallpaperpimper.com/wallpaper/Triple_Screen/Cat-Sleep-Tight-3840×1024.jpg.

Crysis triple screen wallpaper: http://multimonitorgaming.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/crysis-4.jpg. This wallpaper is very beautiful.

Awesome quad-monitor wallpaper depicting a sailing ship in the ocean: http://juanmah.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/hc3basavc3adk-11520×1800.jpg. 11520*1800 pixels.

Planets triple screen wallpaper: http://users.mrlazyinc.com/haldi/Images/Wallpaper/Triple%20Monitor/5760x1080_by_aaronburr.png.

An awesome train track 3D rendered triple screen wallpaper: http://imageshack.us/a/img560/8639/2012122800006.jpg.

Finally, this is a gorgeous wheat field triple screen wallpaper: http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/5907/wallpaper75333.jpg.

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