A look at Ubuntu 14.04 with the Trusty Tahr daily build.

The Trusty Tahr Ubuntu desktop.
The Trusty Tahr Ubuntu desktop.

The daily builds of the new Ubuntu 14.04 are out and they are very good as well. I have installed this over my buggy and useless 13.10 installation and this is working out very well. There are no bugs and everything so far is working a treat. The Unity desktop without the ATI drivers installed is quite slow; it is slow in Virtualbox as well; but it is at least bug free at the moment. This build I am using comes with the 3.12 Linux kernel and Firefox 25.0. So this might be a good release of Ubuntu. The 13.10 release was something to forget; but this works perfectly. My Realtek USB DVB-T adapter that I wrote about before worked perfectly out of the box without needing the tip I wrote about here: http://www.securitronlinux.com/bejiitaswrath/how-i-got-my-realtek-rtl2832-dvb-t-usb-adapter-working-on-debian-7-1/. This is a very good release that could redeem the Ubuntu distribution.

Download the daily builds of the Ubuntu 14.04 distribution here: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/.

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I recently installed the 14.04 Xubuntu-daily and my experience with it is really smooth yet. Up to then my X220 Thinkpad ran a 13.04 Xubuntu (originally 12.04) that wasn’t upgradeable again to 13.10 by some obscure reason, so I dicided to give the 14.04 beta a try. I installed without formatting my /home-partition and it was amazing how lttle work I had to customize my installation. Nearly everything was still in place (email, favorites, even my wallpaper and my customized xfce-panels) and on top of that it’s even faster than ever. :))

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