A good idea for mobile telephones. This would make charging easier when you are outdoors.

Posted: October 13, 2013. At: 3:27 PM. This was 4 years ago. Post ID: 6427
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Samsung Glaxy S 4.
Plenty of room on the back of this phone for a solar charging panel.

I just had an idea that would make mobile telephones even better. If you put a solar cell in the back of the mobile telephone this would allow you to sit the phone in the sun and trickle charge the battery. Mobile phones are getting larger and larger, this means that they could easily embed a solar cell into the back of the phone without taking up much space at all. Why has no one else thought of this at all? I think this would be an indispensable idea. If you are on a train and you need to charge your phone, assuming that you are in a window seat, you could sit the phone near the window and get a small charge back in your battery. A small flexible solar cell such as this one could be attached to the back of the phone set behind a flexible cover. This would make the decreasing battery life of mobile phones easier to tolerate. technology companies are making the phones more powerful and feature filled all of the time, but if the battery lasts for a shorter time then you are needing to recharge your device more often. This idea would take care of this. As long as the device is somewhere bright you could recharge it effortlessly.

Someone will do this someday, the power requirements of mobile telephones and tablets are increasing all the time and it is necessary to implement something else to allow charging on the move. You cannot put quad core CPUs and good cameras in a phone without allowing a user to recharge easily. This solar charger case for an iPhone is the only thing that is relatively similar to what I am talking about; but the solar panel is not built into the actual phone itself. This is something for the future designers of mobile telephones to consider. I think that anyone who implements this technology will be very popular. Actually, there is one company that is working on self charging mobile phones with a film that is laid over the screen and wired to the phone. This will allow the phone to be charged on the move. Read about this here: http://spectrum.ieee.org/tech-talk/green-tech/solar/selfcharging-cell-phone-screens-coming-soon. Hopefully we can have this tech in every mobile phone and tablet in the future. The Ubuntu Edge phone was set to have a quad core CPU and 4 gigabytes of RAM. So what would the battery life be like? This technology would be a godsend.

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