Arma 3 on Linux is version 1.76 and is compatible with the Windows version.

Posted: November 14, 2017. At: 8:22 PM. This was 2 months ago. Post ID: 11532
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Arma 3 running on Linux.
Arma 3 running on Linux.

Arma 3 on Linux is now at version 1.76, this is on parity with the Windows build and would allow playing on multiplayer servers on a Linux box. I have found that with the 3.40 Nvidia drivers, I get less FPS than with Windows, but it does actually run quite well. This is until the 1.78 release comes out on the 30th of November and the parity is lost. But it should catch up quickly. This is a great development for Linux gaming. It just needs to improve the FPS and it will be a killer Linux title, just as popular as it is on Windows. Arma 3 on Linux does not have the launcher, but it does work. The Malden and Laws of War DLC packages are included, this is necessary for online play. This 10.5 Gigabyte update really was worth the effort. The only annoying thing is the need to download mods, but this can be worked around. If only Argo was available for Linux as well. That would be very good indeed. Mods such as ACE will not work on Linux as they need a .so file instead of a DLL. I am sure that Linux versions will appear soon.

Overall, this is a great improvement, the previous version did not have Malden DLC and was not able to edit missions made on Windows with the Malden DLC pack.

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