Strange icicles on the edges of Saturns rings. I thought that they were made up of trillions of particles.

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What are these massive icicles doing on the edges of Saturns rings? I thought that the rings were made up of trillions of lumps of ice. I guess the edge of the rings is a solid ring. That would be very cool. I wonder if you could build a base on it. This adds to the strangeness of the Saturnian system. The possibility of the solid ring around Saturn means that you could live on there. Building a habitation ring around the whole planet. That would offer the space for countless humans. I do not know if you would actually want to live there, but if it was possible, then we should try and do it. But how can giant icicles form when space that far out is far too cold and liquid water would sublimate into vapor. The strangeness of this is quite evident, we believed that the rings were just dust and ice particles, and now we see a solid seeming ring around the edge.

Space does have some amazing sights, but this takes the cake. Only matched by the monolith on Iapetus. This is a 20 KM tall ridge around the circumference of the moon. This is a very strange feature. But the moon could have been spinning very fast in its early life and the gravity of Saturn slowed it down. But this is what formed the ridge as the rotation slowed. There is one good explanation for this here: This could be one explanation, icicles cannot form in space. Still, if you see this image without any explanation, this does take on quite a mysterious air.

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