Useful Android apps for connecting to a Linux server.

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Useful Android SSH and terminal apps

Juice SSH. This is a useful app for Android that allows connecting to Linux machines with SSH.

Termux. This is a terminal emulator app for Android that is a fully featured Linux shell. Very good for practicing Linux shell commands on Android. There is even a limited array of software you can install.

Connect bot. Another very useful Android SSH app.

Apple iOS SSH apps

Serverauditor – SSH Shell / Console / Terminal. Good iPhone app for connecting to and managing remote servers.

vSSH Lite. iPhone/iPad app for SSH connections to remote machines.

iTerminal – SSH/Telnet Client. Access your Linux box with your mobile device.

Reflection for UNIX – SSH Client. The best SSH client app for iPhone and iPad.

To access a Linux or Windows machine with your iPad, use this useful VNC app for iOS that allows VNC connections to a remote machine. VNC Viewer.

Apple Iphone 3gs motherboard photograph.
Apple Iphone 3gs motherboard photograph.

RealVNC viewer for iOS/Android. Control a remote machine over your network with the useful VNC app for multiple platforms.

Another shot showing the Windows CMD prompt running on the Macintosh.
Another shot showing the Windows CMD prompt running on the Macintosh.

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