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Posted: May 20, 2012. At: 2:04 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 3827
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My Google Android apps I have used.
My Google Android apps I have used.

Google Android has quite a good range of software available for use, the BluekeyboardJP software I have installed on Android 2.2.2 works perfectly with the Bluetooth Apple keyboard I purchased a while ago. The Blueinput software is overpriced and inserts annoying text into what you are typing. The Dolphin HD web browser is perfect for browsing the Internet and flash support with the Adobe flash mobile plugin works perfectly well. The upgrade to Android 2.2.2 with the Telstra T Tab went perfectly. Firefox will not install on my device, but the Dolphin browser works perfectly well. Bluetooth Keyboard easy connect software allows easy connection of any Bluetooth keyboard and enables selection of the appropriate keyboard layout. I wish I had Ubuntu on my Android tablet, then it would be even more useful as a mobile computer. it is a shame that you can not just install the Ubuntu for Android on any compatible Android device. Hopefully this will eventuate in the future.

That would be a very good mobile operating system. Cyanogen mod could be a worthwhile alternative, I wish you could run it like a Live CD before committing to installing it, but that does not really work well on a tablet computer. The Prboom4android application that allows you to play Doom on a mobile device does work, but playing it with a touch screen is too frustrating, maybe you could use a Bluetooth controller. The Xbox 360 controller may be used with a recent Android tablet and would allow better control of games than a touch screen. The video I have embedded will explain this very well indeed. The Prboom4Android app is better suited to playing back a demo file you have recorded with a Prboom or Doom vanilla executable on your desktop machine or a demo downloaded from Competn. Playing Doom with a touch screen is not how Doom is meant to be played.

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