How to reset a Telstra T Tab tablet to factory settings.

Posted: April 14, 2012. At: 10:54 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 3136
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Telstra T Tab Android tablet.
Telstra T Tab Android tablet.

I recently bought a Telstra T Tab tablet and I found out that it already had a previous Google account on it and I could not reset it with the factory reset option under Settings-Privacy-Factory Data Reset. I have discovered that the way to do this is to switch the tablet off, then press and hold the menu, green Send Button and the power button in that order and hold them until you see the green Android character, then release the buttons. After this the screen went blank. I pressed the power button again and the tablet switched back on and prompted me to calibrate the touch screen and after that was finished I was able to sign up for the Android marketplace with my Google account. Now I can use the Google Android app marketplace. This reset will perform a full reset if the aforementioned Settings-Privacy-Factory Data Reset option will not work. This is not a bad device to use for browsing the Internet and listening to music with the Winamp music player or the online radio streaming, but it needs to be a little clearer how you can reset the device properly. Just make sure you backup anything on the device before you perform this reset as the device will be erased. Still; this is a good device, if you flash it with the Android 2.2 upgrade, then this little tablet does work very well with added flash support and better performance. Android and Apple Iphone/iPad sales are up while PC sales are flattening, but this does not mean that the tablet form factor will take over from the traditional tablet market. A tablet is a fun way to browse the web in bed though.

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