Linux is everywhere.

Linux is truly everywhere, even on the airlines. This is a photograph taken on Vietnam airlines where the entertainment system appears to be running a variant of Red Hat Linux. The system is booting up and loading the kernel and the various services are loading and it seems to be trying to access a SD […]

Microsoft redeveloping OLE?

Microsoft are developing a new way for applications to communicate with each other and share files such as images or sound betwixt programs such as a photo editor or a sound editing application. A URL for instance can be automatically sent to Facebook or Twitter without the need to actually visit the Social Networking website. […]

Useful C++ snippet. A better way to read in a sentence with STDIN.

This is a very useful C++ code snippet for reading in a line of text into STDIN. Hopefully this will be useful to someone. #include <iostream> #include <string.h> #include <sstream>   using namespace std;   int goku(void) { cout << "Hello, Please enter your name.\n" << endl; return 1; }   int main(int argc, char […]

Testdisk data recovery is very easy indeed.

I have recently corrupted a hard disk on my machine by accidentally typing fdisk -I /dev/ads:12 in FreeBSD and overwriting the partition table. Therefore I am using testdisk from I got this installed on Sabayon by typing emerge testdisk and waiting a couple of minutes. After this, I selected the /dev/sda device and performed […]

Gnome 3 traditional layout in Ubuntu 11.10?

This is a good question, should they add the traditional Gnome 3 layout in Ubuntu 11.10? Linux Mint are staying with the traditional layout when they switch to Gnome 3 and Ubuntu should keep the traditional layout as well, the simpler design of Gnome 2 over Unity is why I prefer to stick with it […]

New transistor can interface with living tissue.

Scientists have created a novel new transistor that can interface with living tissue. This will lead naturally to cybernetic implants rather like those in Deus Ex, with many positive implications for medicine. Allowing cybernetic eyes for the blind to help them see as well as better bionic ears for the deaf, we could be like […]

Australian labour government totally hopeless.

If cloud computing is to take off then we need faster and more reliable Internet connections to able to E-Commute and have less people on the roads in the mornings and more people working from home. That would ease the strain on the public transport system and the ailing roads that are already worn down from […]

windows 8 alpha leak september 2011.

Windows 8 Metro User Interface.

The alpha build of Windows 8 has been leaked onto the world wide web. The previews are available here:, later today. They are incomplete developer builds, so do not expect to be able to install these and run your business or other critical applications, but they are perfect for testing out the new features […]

Desktop Linux still a very good and secure operating system.

As I type this, the website is still down and the Linux kernel is still hosted on Github instead. What is going on here? This attack on software freedom, possibly perpetrated by Microsoft shills that want everyone to be stuck on closed source software instead of the free and open source alternatives that are more secure and […]

Desktop Linux under attack.

The recent attacks on Desktop Linux enacted by the cracking of the website and the more recent attacks against the Linux Foundation websites has cast a cloud over desktop Linux. The website is still down for maintenance and the security of the Linux kernel is in doubt. The story on Slashdot says that […]

Syncing your Apple Ipad with a GNU/Linux machine.

I have uploaded a couple of very useful PDF files, Syncing your Apple Ipad with Linux and a Sysadmin permissions Ebook.

9/11 anniversary today. America remembers.

The tenth anniversary of the shocking attacks on 9/11 September is upon us and we are once again reminded of the threat of terrorism that still hangs over us today. The attacks on that fateful day are still the most shocking act of terrorism that we have ever seen, and it does not help that […]

Gnome Shell in Ubuntu 11.10 repositories.

I have found a blog here: that has an interesting article about the Gnome Shell that is now available in the repositories for Ubuntu 11.10. The Gnome Shell is available in Fedora 15, and is arguably better than the bloated and buggy Unity desktop. The screenshot on the page even looks just like Fedora […]

New Hellraiser film not so good.

I have switched to a better theme framework for my WordPress page. I am going to leave this as the default look as the theme is not as narrow as some of the WordPress themes I have tried, the proper menu on the left makes this easy to navigate and I think it looks rather […]

New images of Moon landing site released by NASA.

New images have been released by NASA of the Apollo moon landing sites showing the lander and other material on the lunar surface. As well as the many tracks left by the lunar rover buggy that the astronauts rode around the lunar surface. The LRV vehicle is also visible on the right of the picture. […]

Very dusty computer. The importance of keeping your computer clean and free of dust and lint.

It is very important to keep your computer clean and free of dust, to stop it looking like this, so get to it. Not only is it ugly, it can damage your components as the heat-sinks get clogged with dust and lint therefore the air from the fan can not freely blow through the heat-sink […]

Viewing crontab and a backup script.

This is a command that will list the contents of your crontab file if you have one. You need to use the sudo command as unprivileged users are not allowed to list the contents of this folder. The best way to view the contents of your crontab file is to use the crontab -l command. […]

Ubuntu Security tips. Very useful webpage.

There is a very useful posting here: That gives many useful tips on how to secure your Ubuntu distribution during installation and how to properly configure it afterwards. There are tips on setting the title-bar buttons back to the right of the window and how to properly re-enable the root user.

Interesting C program and Linux kernel source safe after all.

This is a little program I wrote in C that picks a random monster to attack the player. I think I already have this posted somewhere, but I thought I would post this once again as someone might be interested in this again. Programming in C instead of more modern programming languages like C++ is […]

Dominos Pizza company planning a moon base store.

The Dominos Pizza company are planning to build a store on the moon, the Pizza Hut company delivered a pizza to the International Space Station and now Dominos wants to outdo them by constructing a dome-shaped restaurant on the moon. Construction firm Maeda Corp has come up with the design for the dome-shaped building that […]