Steve Jobs leaving quite a legacy.

After co-founding Apple computers corporation in 1976, Steve Jobs he helped create the whole personal computer revolution and enable homes and schools to have simple and easy to use computers that revolutionized the world of education and home businesses. In the year of 1984, he once again revolutionized the world of personal computers with the […]

Useful Linux/UNIX commands.

There are many useful Linux commands that are fun to use and can do some very cool things. cat mysongpart2.mp3 >> mysongpart1.mp3 Using /bin/cat to append the second part of a MP3 file onto the first part, making one large file that will play seamlessly from part one to part 2. vmstat -a -d Displaying […]

Killing a running task in Windows 7.

Killing a running task UNIX style in Windows 7 is very easy indeed, the tasklist command makes this just as easy as it is in UNIX/Linux.Just type tasklist in the command prompt and it will display a list of running processes. Then look for the PID of the process you want to kill and type […]

Ugandan space program is underway.

The Ugandan space program is all set after the announcement that space enthusiasts in the third world country are constructing a space shuttle that they are planning to put into space within six years. How they are going to actually get this contraption into space is a good question, The whole thing looks to be […]

Linux is 20 years old today!

The best thing about Debian at the moment is not that the Unity/Gnome3 desktop is in absentia, it is that it is the most stable and secure distribution of the Linux operating system. I have used other distributions of Linux and I am promoting Ubuntu quite a bit even though I am not running that […]

Windows 8 copy and move operations to be overhauled.

This HTML5 video isn’t supported in your browser. If you don’t see a video here or can’t play it, download it here: High quality MP4 | Low quality MP4 The copy and move operations in Windows are to be repaired, previously in Windows the copy and move operations were quite hit and miss with the […]

Fedora 16 Alpha released.

The Alpha release of Fedora Core 16 has been released with Gnome 3.1.4 and it is not impressing anyone so far, the Gnome 3/Unity desktop is a step backwards compared to the Gnome 2.30 desktop that it is gradually replacing. The CPU and graphics grunt required to work compared to Gnome 2 and Xfce is […]

Converting a comma delimited file to newline delimited. Using sed to perform the conversion.

The search and replace dialog in Gedit. I have used this to convert a comma delimited file to a newline delimited file. I had saved a huge long list of IP addresses that I had to put into the banlist on my forums, and the list was comma delimited, but the latest PHPBB software will […]

Fluxbox window manager.

Just finished rewriting the kernel compilation page on my website to give instructions for building a vanilla kernel source package on Debian Squeeze. This needed to be done, the information there was dated and needed to be replaced. Having up to date information is a good way to keep your visitors coming back. I […]

Forums updated and Debian bootloader fixed.

I have updated the look and feel of my forums at Linux Forums. The theme has been changed to better suit the topics on the boards and I have added a giant list of spammer Internet Protocol addresses to help stop the spam I was getting. This will make a difference if I can make […]

Adding your user to the sudoers file on Debian.

If you want to be able to use the sudo command in Debian to do superuser tasks as your normal user, then you need to edit the /etc/sudoers file to look like this. Use the visudo command to do the editing of the /etc/sudoers file, this will make sure the file is properly edited without […]

Big Bang Theory & old movies.

Penny walks on stage towards Shledon, the audience is snickering”What are you doing Sheldon” The audience bursts into laughter “Oh nothing, just installing some RAM” The audience is falling over now, punching themselves in the stomach from laughter “Why” The laughter dies down a bit “I just upgraded my OS to 64bit, it can handle […]

Moving folders to your home directory.

I recently had to move some folders to my home directory on my Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 installation as the root user and I then had to change the ownership of the folders and the files within to my current user. For example I copied the ~/.themes folder to my home folder and I had to […]

Linux anecdotes Some very interesting Linux anecdotes on this website, stories from the very early days of the Linux operating system, before we had the easy to install Linux distributions we use today. Apparently Linus Torvalds is/was a Doom fan and spent a lot of time playing that game as well as Prince of Persia. I […]

Facebook to be taken down on the 5 November?

A look at the fully-packed racks inside a Facebook data center facility. The unrest in London is continuing with no respect shown for the property and businesses that are looted and torched without no consideration for the damage caused to the formerly peaceful suburbs. But the cleanup is beginning and hopefully the Olympic city can […]

London riots organised on Social Networking & Smartphones?

A man stands next to a burned-out van after riots on Tottenham High Road in London on Aug. 7, 2011. Read more:,8599,2087337,00.html#ixzz1UWHPRGRK The horrible violence in London, that has made the city look more like Iraq, has been blamed on Social Networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. Will this cause more censorship of the […]

Linux is getting bloated.

Is there a real reason the Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Linux Mint & Fedora have to be so bloated? The Debian distribution is very fast and usable compared to the Ubuntu distribution that has moved from the Gnome 2.32.1 desktop environment to the Unity desktop that has created some controversy of late. The Ubuntu 11.10 […]

The world Wide Web turns 20. The WWW turns 20 years old today. The project that started with one web page has grown to countless websites and countless files hosted on web servers all around the world. Nowadays with China sealing themselves off and creating their own separate Internet with their own content to protect the people from the horrible […]

Useful *nix information and links.

Linux is not Windows. This is a very good web page that explains the fundamental differences between Windows and Linux. There are many fundamental changes you need to make when making the switch from Windows to a Linux machine, the major changes difference is that Linux is not as susceptible to viruses as Windows […]

New 2TB external drive. Just got a 2TB external hard drive to backup my machine, it made a huge difference being able to copy everything off my 500GB hard drive and make some more space for other files. This is the amount of space I have now, and it is very useful as I might want to install […]