Linux help e-books.

Ubuntu 11.04 and Philadelphia Experiment. This is a library of PDF files that will help new users of Linux set up their system and get to grips with the command line and Linux software. I uploaded these a while ago and I thought I would post about them again to alert my visitors that […]

PS3 Other OS feature removed. Linux on the PS3 no more.

Sony PS3 in the days before Other OS feature was removed from the Playstation 3. This allowed you to have a very fast and reliable system that could be networked into a supercomputing cluster using the Cell processor in the Playstation 3. That was a good system, still available if you have a PS3 that […]

Playstation Network is a failure of epic proportions.

The Playstation Network has been cracked into by some evil person and data belonging to thousands of customers has been compromised. More information here: I have used the Playstation Network to buy a game and play it, but I will not use this network anymore, they need to beef up security before I will […]

Windows 8 Build 7955 Milestone 3 Has Been Leaked. Windows 8 build 7955 has been leaked onto the pirate bay website and onto many private FTP sites as well. This gives us a chance to examine the new operating system from Microsoft. Windows 8 has an inbuilt PDF reader, the aforementioned ISO mounting and a new login screen. Another feature of Windows 8 […]

When planets collide.

I just found this interesting video on Youtube and I thought I would share this with you. It talks about what happens when a planet or planetoid collides with another planet and how such an occurrence has been photographed by observatories on Earth. This is how the Earth`s moon was formed, a planetary body the […]

Laptop maintenance.

I was taking my laptop apart today because I had to clean out the fans and the heat pipe between the CPU and the fan outlet, there is a thick piece of copper that connects the CPU to the heatsink that the fan blows through. And it went quite well although the heatsink assembly was […]

FizzBuzz Solution in C.

Here is a FizzBuzz solution I coded in C. I have uploaded it as an image so you will have to type it in yourself, but I am a gracious and giving person, so here you are. I coded this on FreeBSD 8.2 with GNU Emacs and I am very happy with how it turned […]

Gnome 3 sucks? The new Gnome 3 desktop is quite different to the previous desktop.—You-Cant-Go-GNOME-Again-72266.html This is the Gnome 3 desktop I have been talking about, I have downloaded the OpenSuse based Live CD and I have actually tried it myself and I have to say it sucks royally. Look at this screenshot of the start menu, this is very hard to use at 1920×1440 pixels resolution, I can […]

Doctor Who’s Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane) Dies at 63.

This is a sad story indeed, Elisabeth Sladen who played Sarah Jane in the Doctor who series has died aged 63. She was one of the best characters in the Doctor who series and she will be missed. I liked her much better than the Doctor Who characters they have nowadays. My favorite Doctor was […]

Google Chrome botnet? Fact or Fiction. Found this website discussing the Google Chrome web browser, the Google company are apparently using it to open a security hole in users machines, according to the blog. I am not sure about this, but Google Chrome is the most advertised web browser, you see the advertisements everywhere you look, out in the streets […]

OpenBSD Chromium browser port.

I have just found this and thought I would share this very useful information, a port of the Chromium browser for OpenBSD UNIX. This should be very useful for those who are using that browser and who want a fast web browser for their UNIX desktop.

China designing heavy lift rocket for Moon mission. China are designing a heavy lift rocket that will be used for a manned mission to the Moon and beyond. America have been cutting back on their space program, but at least China the new superpower on the world stage can deliver a space program to rival NASA in 1969 when they went all […]

Supercomputers using Ubuntu. Just reading on Ars Technica about the HPU4Science scientific computation cluster that runs Ubuntu server to provide supercomputing cluster services to it`s users. Linux is the one choice for high performance computing, with 92% of the worlds supercomputers running on Linux. Linux or UNIX is a much better choice for server computing than Windows, […]

Windows 8 alpha build leaked?

The Windows 8 alpha build apparently has claimed to have been leaked on the Internet, although the screenshots show a version of Windows 7 just renamed Windows 8. But they did a pretty good job with a very late April fools joke I must say. Although there are sites that say that it just might […]

First man in space.

The first man in space was Yuri Gargarin who was born in 1934 the son of a carpenter, he went into orbit in 1961 beating the Americans and establishing the Soviet Union as a leader in the space race. The Americans made it to the Moon, but the Russians were the first to make it […]

FVWM Crystal is the best Window manager.

This is a screenshot of the FVWM Crystal desktop I am running on Debian Linux. This is the latest desktop I am trying out and it is the best so far, I was getting annoyed with the Enlightenment E17 desktop and I installed this instead and it is faster and very light on memory as […]

Blade Runner styled movies no longer made?

After watching the Blade Runner movie I am wondering why we never see movies like this these days. Nowadays the movies showing the future never show it like the Blade Runner movie ever did. The dystopian future shown in the Blade Runner movie with the crumbling buildings and dark rainy weather is very different to […]

Interesting /bin/cat trick. How to join mp3 files together.

I was playing around with /bin/cat on my FreeBSD laptop and I typed cat file1.mp3 > file2.mp3 and now when I play the file, and it finishes a song it goes on to the next song in the same file! This is pretty cool, But you can not seek on to the next song, you […]

20 years of Linux. It has been a good ride. The link above is to the Redhat 6.2 Linux distribution, the first version of Linux I used. It ran very well on a Celeron 600 with 64MB of RAM and integrated graphics. Linux has come so far since it was first released, the desktop has gotten even easier to use and with the release […]

20 years of Linux!