More lovely GTK themes for Linux and Android desktops.

GTK themes . Vertex. Vertex is a theme for GTK 3, GTK 2, Gnome-Shell and Cinnamon. It supports GTK 3 and GTK 2 based desktop environments like Gnome, Cinnamon, Mate, XFCE, Budgie, Pantheon, etc. Ceti 2. The GTK3 theme supports Gnome 3.8, 3.10 and 3.12, but the Gnome Shell theme only works on […]

Install Arch Linux easily with the Arch Anywhere distribution.

Installing Arch Linux can be a royal pain, but if you use the Arch Anywhere distribution, this will allow easy installation of an Arch Linux system. Download the distribution here. This Linux distribution will make setting up Arch Linux easier than ever. Write this ISO to a disc and boot your machine with it, […]

How to read a symbolic link and some text filtering commands.

Getting into some more Linux commands now; if you want to know how to find out what a symbolic link is linking to; you may use the command below to read the symbolic link and find out where it leads. [ [email protected] ] [ Jobs 0.PWD: ~.bash 4.2.36. ] [ 2 ] [ 21:50:39 ] […]

Nef Quintero. The worlds most dangerous hacker.

This is Nef Quintero. The worlds most dangerous hacker. He can hack the Pentagon whilst being pleasured by Angelina Jolie and not break a sweat. This guy is a legend. He is dangerous and talented. 4chan remember him as the guy who boasts of being able to change a HDD in a computer, which only […]

Reminiscing on Doom and older computers in the modern age.

Just saw a cool Let’s Play Doom video on Youtube that features E2M4 and the guy playing it is like he is playing it for the first time, it is incredible to watch the game played is if it is being played for the first time instead of always watching Nightmare speedruns and Ultraviolence demos. […]

Rip a DVD easily on Ubuntu with the dvdrip application.

The dvdrip application is an easy way to rip a DVD to your hard disk drive. To install this application, run this command. ~$ sudo apt-get install dvdrip Then run the dvdrip application. Now read a DVD disk and setup the various options to transcode the DVD to your hard disk drive. Now we are […]

Updating the grub2 boot-loader menu & adding swap space to your computer.

To update the grub bootloader on your Linux box, this is another way to do this. grub-mkconfig > /boot/grub/grub.cfg This will update the grub2 bootloader and add any new kernels in /boot. Creating a new swapfile for your Linux system. Firstly we create a new file padded with zeros from /dev/zero. [email protected]:~# dd if=/dev/zero of=swafile […]

Setting a larger console font on Ubuntu 12.04.

Setting a larger console font on Ubuntu Linux 12.04. To do this first get to a text console by pressing Ctrl-Alt-F2 and login with your username ↦ password, then type this command to set a larger font. setfont /usr/share/consolefonts/Lat7-TerminusBold28x14.psf.gz This is a nice large font and is more readable if you are on a 1920*1080 […]

Russian cybercafe webcam, and how to find more webcams online.

To find cool webcams with the Google search engine, use this Google search term. inurl” /view/index.shtml This is an example I found, this is a Russian cybercafe. Russian cybercafe. This is another search term. intext:”MOBOTIX M10″ intext:”Open Menu” This is one cam I found with it. A view over some houses towards an industrial […]

Astronomers discover furthest galaxy from the Earth. 13.3 billion light-years away from us.

Astronomers have found the furthest galaxy from the Earth, this one is 13.3 billion light-years from Earth; meaning that the light from this galaxy has been traveling for just about the entire history of our known universe. Of course this galaxy would no longer exist now; the stars within would have burned out and the […]

How to watch a Vimeo video in VLC media player.

To watch a Vimeo in VLC, we need to capture the actual video URL. Firstly, hover the mouse over the video window until the sharing options appear. Then copy the embed code. The Siege 1998 from Dr-Hany Ali on Vimeo. Copy the actual video URL. Then paste this into the Open Network Stream option. […]

How to add a Red Hat Linux 7.2 subscription after installation.

To add a subscription after installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2, type this command as root. [[email protected] jason]# subscription-manager register –username USERNAME –password “PASSWORD” This will setup your Red Hat subscription. Then enter this command. This will refresh all of the information on your machine. [[email protected] jason]# subscription-manager refresh And finally, run this command to […]

How to change user information such as full name from the command prompt.

To change the full name and other information stored for a certain user, the chfn command will come in handy. This allows a system administrator to change the data with a simple command. In this example, I am changing the full name for a Linux user. [email protected]:~# chfn -f “Praise kek” jason Now I use […]

How to install updates on various Linux and UNIX distributions.

The MS DOS operating system has quite a lot of command-line arguments that may be used to ease the task of file management. Sure, it is no match for the Linux shell, but the DOS operating system in its time. But then along came the easy to use Linux distributions such as Mandrake Linux and […]

Create a graph of package dependencies with the Linux command line.

There is a way to create a graphical display of the package relations amongst your installed packages on a Debian system. The graphviz package allows this. Firstly, install the debtree package. apt install debtree apt install graphviz Then run this command to see all of the package dependencies and relations for the mc package. debtree […]

Will the Donald Trump victory do anything about Internet censorship and the encroaching NSA monitoring?

Will the success of the election campaign that brought a Trump victory help stop the encroaching talons of Internet censorship? There is of course the CISPA and SOPA bills that seem to have been forgotten. But they are still a threat. cyber attacks are very common and the government could use this as an excuse […]

Donald trump actually did it the absolute madman!

Ave, Imperator, morituri te salutant.

Install the fortune program on your Linux machine and have a nice fortune in your terminal.

To get useful Ubuntu server command line tips in your terminal, firstly install the fortune package and some more fortunes. ┌─[[email protected]]─[~] └──╼ $sudo apt install fortune fortunes-bofh-excuses fortunes-ubuntu-server Now run the command to print a random Ubuntu server tip. ┌─[[email protected]]─[~] └──╼ $fortune ubuntu-server-tips If you want to download a file from a URL via the […]

How to create a dot matrix printer banner with Linux and other useful Linux tricks.

The printerbanner command will create a dot matrix printer banner. Just run the command and then type a string and hit ENTER. [email protected]:~$ printerbanner Message: Debian Print out the contents of a text file in octal format. [email protected]:~$ od .dmrc 0000000 042133 071545 072153 070157 005135 060514 063556 060565 0000020 062547 062475 057556 052501 072456 […]

Evolution of operating system menus from early Gnome to Gnome Shell.

The early Gnome desktop is quite interesting, it had a Windows styled menu with a easy to use taskbar. Source: This is the old Gnome 1.0 configuration application. Very dated indeed, this is when they had Enlightenment as the Window Manager of Gnome. Although you could use Sawfish as well. The Gnome […]